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Nozomi Young Koi Show 2012

Nozomi Young Koi Show 2012


Nozomi Grand and Reserve Champions

Article and Photos courtesy of Nancy Moore and the Washington Koi and Watergarden Society
The Nozomi Koi Show, held on Pan Intercorp grounds, on June 16 2012 brought awards galore to Washington Koi & Water Garden Society members.
Walking away with two biggest trophies were Rinda Lowell and Brian Liljas, with both Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion awards. The Grand was a gorgeous Kohaku and the Reserve a spectacular Shiro Utsuri.
The Tategoi Award went to a Bill Tullis fish (Bill was in Alaska). Club members who won championships or runners-up were Dan Forkan, Ted Baughman, Diane Chaudiere, Chris Charbonneau, Meng Tseng, Jay Franklin, Nancy Moore & Lucy Macneil, and Don Shimono.
Best in sizes were won by members Diane Chaudiere, Bill Tullis, and Jay Franklin, Tullis winning three. Representing the WK & WGS, Lucy Macneil presented Judge Grant Fujita with a certificate of appreciation for his inspirational work over the years for the hobby and for judging, along with a coveted piece of etched glass by Regis Towit.
The show was also the last hurrah for Lisa Street as paperwork queen, who has now trained others to take her place. Lisa has done intake and computer results for all of the Nozomi shows and all of the WK & WGS shows up until this year. Thank you, Lisa, for your years of fantastic effort.
Lucy Macneil was the winner in the Kohaku ranking contest, choosing the first three places; her prize was a beautiful Kohaku, which she has named Margaret of Scotland, AKA Scotti.
The club presented our Friendship Award to Bothellites Jeff and Candice Keener, for their beautiful Beni Kumonryu, which also won Baby Grand Champion.

Jun Yusho Award Winners All Japan Show 2012

Congratulations to Harry and Rick on receiving the 70bu and 85bu Jun Yusho Award at the 2012 All Japan Show!

These awesome Kohaku were bred by Sakai of Hiroshima and purchased through Pan Intercorp just a couple of years ago.

This is the second time these Kohaku have been displayed at the All Japan Show… placing both years in the most competitive Koi Show in the world!