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Sakai Jumbo Tosai Auction – April 6

Sakai has started posting photos online of the koi that are going to be offered at the upcoming Jumbo Tosai Auction on April 6th.

You can check out recently uploaded koi by clicking the link below:

Don’t forget to check back frequently as new koi will continue to be added in the days leading up to the auction.

Pan Intercorp will be in attendance and can bid on your behalf.

If you see something that you would be interested in bidding on,  or if you have questions regarding the Auction,  call Joel Burkard at 206-769-4950 or Zak Schmidt at 800-827-5819.  You can also email Joel: or Zak:


New Sakai Nisai

Sakai of Hiroshima’s Autumn Auction was attended by over 80 koi dealers invited from all around the globe, with the top priced koi selling for over $80,000.00. We did not get that one, but we were able to purchase a number of incredible koi, including the ones photographed below.

Check out the Koi Sales section of our website for photos and details. If you have any questions about any of these awesome new koi please contact us: