Monthly Archives: December 2010

New Koi Videos

Pan Intercorp - Pan Intercorp has recently created a Youtube Channel where  customers can stream video of available koi and view aspects of the fish that can sometimes be difficult to pick out in a top down photo. Bringing these beautiful koi to life online through the use of video gives our clients that feeling of being pond side. Videos can be viewed by clicking the More Details link in the short description of each koi or by clicking on the photo of the koi itself. Be sure to check out the Pan Intercorp Youtube Channel and Koi Sales section often as new koi are posted with videos on a regular basis.

Sakai Winter Dealer’s Auction

December 15th is one of the most exciting dates in the koi world because on this date, Sakai of Hiroshima will hold their Dealers Invitational Auction.

It is at this auction that many of the Grand Champions for the next few years are auctioned off as two and three year olds. This auction can only be attended by dealers and
even then by invitation only.

Click on this link to see the koi that will be in the auction.

Koi purchased in this auction can be boarded at Sakai of Hiroshima and can be entered in the All Japan Show, the ZNA Show and the Rinyukai Show as well as many others.

Call us toll free at 1 800 827 5819 or Joel’s cell phone at 206 769 4950¬† for information on how to place your bid to purchase one of these World Class Koi.

Don’t miss out on this chance of a lifetime!Sakai Auction