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Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi Books

Sakai of Hiroshima has published a series of high quality color booklets that illustrate the development and genealogy of their Kohaku, Sanke and Showa bloodlines in stunning detail.

In addition to the Bloodline Charts, these booklets feature most of the pairings of Brood stock used in Sakai’s breeding program. At the end of each booklet there is a listing of many of the major award winners that have resulted from these bloodlines, as well as photographs of their state of the art facilities in Hiroshima Japan.

This booklet is a valuable learning and teaching tool for the hobbyist and professional alike.

You can open each one of these fully interactive online versions by clicking on the book covers below. Flip through the pages by grabbing the corner of each page and dragging them like a normal book or use the navigation bar at the bottom.

The books are best viewed at full screen which can be activated by clicking on the full screen icon in the bottom left hand corner of the window. To exit full screen mode… just click escape on your keyboard or the hit the same icon in the bottom  left hand corner of the window.


Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi 2013       Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi 2012

Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi Book 2013          Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi Book 2012

WWKC Grand Champion 2014

Congratulations to Robert W. on winning Grand Champion of the 6th annual WWKC (World Wide Koi Club) Koi Show.

The WWKC is an organization whose purpose is to promote and expand the hobby of koi and pond keeping. The WWKC organizes virtual koi shows and provides membership events and benefits such as grow-outs and group buys via their online forum koiphen.

Pictured here is the Grand Champion… a beautiful Sakai Bred, Tancho Sanke. This Tancho was purchased on as a Tosai and raised to 30 inches in a very short period of time. With room to grow… this beautiful four year old will be competing at many more shows to come.

Congratulations Robert!  Job well done!

Sakai Tancho Sanke WWKC Grand Champion