Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sakai Fish Farm – March Auction 3/9

Sakai will be holding their first auction of the Spring on March 9th.  High grade Tosai and High grade Nisai will be on display.

Koi purchased through this auction are eligible for entry into the Pan Intercorp/Sakai FF Jumbo Tosai Grow-out Competition 2016.

Photos and video of the koi available will be posted the week leading up to the auction on Sakai’s website:

Don’t forget to check back frequently as new koi will continue to be added in the days leading up to the auction.

If you see something that you would be interested in bidding on,  or if you have questions regarding the Auction/ Jumbo Tosai Grow-out,  call Joel Burkard at 206-769-4950 or Zak Schmidt at 800-827-5819.  You can also email Joel: or Zak: