Sakai FF – Jumbo Tosai Auction


Pictures for Sakai of Hiroshima’s April Jumbo Tosai Auction are just starting go up! Pan Intercorp will be leaving for Japan to attend the auction on Sunday the 6th. Get your bids in quick!

Any koi purchased at this auction can be entered into the Pan Intercorp / 阪井健太郎 Sakai FF Jumbo Tosai Grow-out event.

More info on this annual event can be found at:

More koi will be added in the days leading up to the auction so check back often and contact us at or 206-769-4950 for information on bidding.

2014 Pan Intercorp – Sakai FF – Jumbo Tosai Grow-out Competition

Sakai Jumbo Tosai Auction - April 9th 2014

For more information on the Pan Intercorp Sakai FF Jumbo Tosai Grow-out Competition please call 1-800-827-5819

Pan Intercorp Sakai FF Grow-out

Pan Intercorp proudly presents

2014 Sakai Jumbo Tosai Grow-out Competition

Pan Intercorp is proud to host an unprecedented Grow-out Competition featuring World Class Gosanke bred by Sakai of Hiroshima. The venue for this Grow-out will be in the actual Sakai mud ponds at their world famous facility in Hiroshima Japan.

This Growout features Certified Jumbo Tosai Kohaku from Sakai’s world famous Rose bloodline, Certified Jumbo Tosai Sanke from Sakai’s unparalleled Sanke bloodlines, and Certified Jumbo Tosai Showa from Sakai’s exciting Ninja bloodline.

Jumbo Tosai participating in this Competition have been Guaranteed Female*.  All will be released into the mud ponds in Hiroshima in mid April, and will emerge from this intensive growth environment in the fall of 2014.

All participants are invited to visit Sakai Fish Farms in Hiroshima Japan in late November, when the contestants will be entered into an exhibition hosted by Sakai.  Each of the grow-out koi will be judged by SFF Managing Director Kentaro Sakai and SFF President Yoshimichi Sakai, and awards will be presented.

1-800-827-5819 or email

*Guaranteed Female: Guaranteed female means that, at the time of selection, the koi has been carefully inspected by the breeder and has been determined to be female.

When the same koi is harvested in the fall, it will again be carefully inspected to confirm it’s femininity. In the unlikely event that the koi should turn out to be a male at this point, it will be replaced with a female sibling of similar quality as selected by the breeder. This is the definition of ” Guaranteed Female”.


Please note that this grow-out competition is taking place in Japan at the Sakai Fish Farm facility in Hiroshima.


Participants may make their selection from Jumbo Tosai that will be offered at Sakai’s upcoming Spring Auction.  Jumbo Tosai available at this auction will be photographed and posted online in the weeks preceding the auction.

Date for the Sakai Jumbo Tosai Auction:

April 9th, 2014 @ Sakai FF in Hiroshima     (Photos coming soon)

Don’t forget to check back frequently as new photos of Jumbo Tosai will continue to be added in the days leading up to each of the auctions.

Participants may also make their selection from a number of Certified Female Jumbo Tosai that will be made available outside of the Auction on . This selection will not be available until April 18th 2014 and will be offered on a first come first served basis. Availability may be limited.

Below are development photos from many of last seasons participants:

Participation is open to koi lovers the world over. Purchase price includes the cost of the koi, the cost of boarding the koi at Sakai of Hiroshima, and entry in the November Exhibition at Sakai Fish Farms. All other expenses will be for buyer’s account.

All sales are final.  Participants will be deemed to have accepted all responsibilities and risks for their purchases at the time of purchase. Participants will have the opportunity to have their koi shipped to them in late fall 2014 or they may elect to continue to board their koi at SFF.

Boarding charges will apply to koi kept at SFF after 12/30/2014. Winter boarding in heated Greenhouses is available at SFF. Call for details on boarding fees.

Call us toll free at 1-800-827-5819 or email for information on how to place your bid to purchase one of these World Class Koi.  Don’t miss out on this chance of a lifetime!

For more information on the Pan Intercorp Sakai FF Jumbo Tosai Grow-out Competition please call 1-800-827-5819

Sakai Auction – March 6th

Sakai’s first Spring auction is right around the corner and photos of koi that will be offered at this event are now being posted.

Scroll down to view the koi that are going to be offered at auction on March 6th.

Don’t forget to check back frequently as new koi will continue to be added in the days leading up to the auction.

If you see something that you would be interested in bidding on, or if you have questions regarding the Auction contact:

Joel Burkard at 206-769-4950 or email

Zak Schmidt at 1-800-827-5819 or email

Clients purchasing koi through this auction will have the option of keeping their purchase in Japan, either to be boarded and grown on under the care of Sakai of Hiroshima or to be entered in any one of a number of Japanese koi shows.

Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi Books

Sakai of Hiroshima has published a series of high quality color booklets that illustrate the development and genealogy of their Kohaku, Sanke and Showa bloodlines in stunning detail.

In addition to the Bloodline Charts, these booklets feature most of the pairings of Brood stock used in Sakai’s breeding program. At the end of each booklet there is a listing of many of the major award winners that have resulted from these bloodlines, as well as photographs of their state of the art facilities in Hiroshima Japan.

This booklet is a valuable learning and teaching tool for the hobbyist and professional alike.

You can open each one of these fully interactive online versions by clicking on the book covers below. Flip through the pages by grabbing the corner of each page and dragging them like a normal book or use the navigation bar at the bottom.

The books are best viewed at full screen which can be activated by clicking on the full screen icon in the bottom left hand corner of the window. To exit full screen mode… just click escape on your keyboard or the hit the same icon in the bottom  left hand corner of the window.


Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi 2013       Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi 2012

Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi Book 2013          Sakai Fish Farm Parent Koi Book 2012

WWKC Grand Champion 2014

Congratulations to Robert W. on winning Grand Champion of the 6th annual WWKC (World Wide Koi Club) Koi Show.

The WWKC is an organization whose purpose is to promote and expand the hobby of koi and pond keeping. The WWKC organizes virtual koi shows and provides membership events and benefits such as grow-outs and group buys via their online forum koiphen.

Pictured here is the Grand Champion… a beautiful Sakai Bred, Tancho Sanke. This Tancho was purchased on as a Tosai and raised to 30 inches in a very short period of time. With room to grow… this beautiful four year old will be competing at many more shows to come.

Congratulations Robert!  Job well done!

Sakai Tancho Sanke WWKC Grand Champion

New Arrivals @ Pan Intercorp

High Quality certified koi from our last trip to Sakai Fish Farm (株)阪井養魚場 and Omosako Koi Farm (有)面迫養鯉場 in Hiroshima. Check out for more information, photos and video or stop in to Pan Intercorp and see many of these world class koi in person!

Call 1-800-827-5819 or email if you have any questions.

Certified Nishikigoi

New Arrivals @ Pan Intercorp

Pan Intercorp has just received a shipment of specially selected  Kohaku, Sanke, Shiro Utsuri and Kujaku from Sakai and Omosako. These Nisai and Sansai were picked up on our last trip to Hiroshima in late November.

Take a look at the updates in our Sales ( Click Here ) section and shoot us an email or give us a call at 1-800-827-5819 if you have any questions about the koi being posted.