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Nozomi Young Koi Show 2020

Pan Intercorp is proud to announce the 2020 Nozomi Young Koi Show! 

Mark your calendar and make plans to attend the biggest koi show in the Pacific Northwest. This exciting, one day event takes place on the grounds of Pan Intercorp in Kenmore, Washington on Saturday, June 20th, 2020. This year we welcome the world’s #1 Koi Dealer, Ryuki Narita of Narita Koi Farm as the esteemed judge of our 17th annual koi show. We are honored to have his support at this year’s show and grateful for his involvement in elevating the American koi hobby.

The Nozomi Young Koi Show draws hobbyists from all over the Northwest to take part in a unique show highlighting younger, smaller koi. This style of koi show gives everyone from the entry level hobbyist to the seasoned veteran an opportunity to display their collection, participate in the fun of competition, learn more about koi, and share the beauty our hobby has to offer.

More information can be found online at

Please check back often as new updates will continue to be posted leading up to the show!

Nozomi Young Koi Show 2020

Nozomi Young Koi Show

Judge – Ryuki Narita   (Narita Koi Farm, Japan)

Ryuki Narita has spent a lifetime surrounded by koi. As a second generation koi dealer, Ryuki has established Narita Koi Farm as a leading provider of high grade, champion koi to dealers and hobbyists around the world. With a staggering 6 All Japan Koi Show Grand Champions to his name, Ryuki Narita is undoubtedly the world’s #1 koi dealer and a leading koi authority. Even though Ryuki has judged hundreds of koi shows around the globe this will be his first judging experience in the United States.

We are honored to have Ryuki Narita joining us to judge the 2020 Nozomi Young Koi Show.

New Sakai Nisai

Sakai of Hiroshima’s Autumn Auction was attended by over 80 koi dealers invited from all around the globe, with the top priced koi selling for over $80,000.00. We did not get that one, but we were able to purchase a number of incredible koi, including the ones photographed below.

Check out the Koi Sales section of our website for photos and details. If you have any questions about any of these awesome new koi please contact us: