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Shinkokai Niigata District Auction – Nov. 7


The All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai Niigata Breeders Auction will be held on Thursday November 7th at the Shinkokai branch office in Nagaoka City, Japan. Koi from many of Niigata’s top breeders will run across the auction block.

The All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai is an association of Koi professionals dedicated to the promotion of Koi keeping. Pan Intercorp has long been an active member in this association, and persons interested in bidding to purchase Koi from this auction are encouraged to contact us at 206 769 4950 for details on having us bid on your behalf.

Photos of the koi entered in this auction can now be viewed online at the following address: Auction Koi just a few months later…

Ever wonder how some of the koi won on turn out?

Check out this video submitted to us by an auction winner who purchased these koi just a few months ago. In a very short period of time these koi have grown several inches and put on a ton of weight… a testament to the koi husbandry skills of the customer and the quality of the koi put up for auction on!

The photos below are how the koi looked the day that they were auctioned and the video shows how they look today. Enjoy! - Koi Auction

Sakai Spring Jumbo Tosai Auction

Pan Intercorp -

Sakai’s 2011 Spring Dealer’s Auction will be held at the Sakai Farm in Hiroshima on March 17th (that’s the 16th here in the United States). This is the auction where many of the All Japan Show and Young Koi Show Koi have been “discovered”!

In past years, high quality Jumbo Tosai have sold at this auction for anywhere between $3,000.00 to well over $30,000.00

Photos of many of the available koi are now posted for viewing on the Sakai website. Keep checking back often as new koi are posted almost every day.

Sakai Auction Link

Test your koi selecting skills to see if you can predict which one of these beauties will prove to be a Grand Champion, or better yet call toll free 1-800-827-5819 to find out how you can own the Sakai koi of your dreams!

In addition to Jumbo Tosai, there are a number of outstanding two year old koi that will also be going on the Auction block.

Please note: This Auction takes place in Japan. You will need to call us toll free at 1-800-827-5819 by Monday March the 14th at the latest for details on having us bid on your behalf.

As usual, Pan Intercorp will be attending the auction and will be purchasing a number of female Jumbo Tosai. We will also be bidding on behalf of a number US hobbyists who dream of owning an All Japan Class Koi.  Many of the koi purchased at this auction are eligible for grow out in Sakai’s mud ponds for the 2011 season at no additional charge.

Call us at 1-800-827-5819  or email for details on having Pan Intercorp purchase one of these world class koi for your collection.

Pan Intercorp will host a 2011 November trip to Hiroshima for our clients who have purchased and boarded koi at Sakai and Omosako, to see first hand how their koi have grown and improved. Call Joel at 206 769 4950 to reserve a place on this trip as spaces are limited.