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Shinkokai Niigata District Auction – Nov. 7


The All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai Niigata Breeders Auction will be held on Thursday November 7th at the Shinkokai branch office in Nagaoka City, Japan. Koi from many of Niigata’s top breeders will run across the auction block.

The All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai is an association of Koi professionals dedicated to the promotion of Koi keeping. Pan Intercorp has long been an active member in this association, and persons interested in bidding to purchase Koi from this auction are encouraged to contact us at 206 769 4950 for details on having us bid on your behalf.

Photos of the koi entered in this auction can now be viewed online at the following address:

Bakersfield Koi Show 2013

A big thank you to the Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society for inviting Pan Intercorp’s very own Zak Schmidt to be the head judge at this years show. Over 180 koi were entered in the show with entries from all over California. Zak judged alongside Tom Hernandez of Kois and Ponds on a weekend filled with a ton of top quality koi… especially in sizes 5, 6, and 7.

Congratulations to Mr. Jackson Chen on winning Grand Champion with his glowing 8 year old Sakai Sanke. The Reserve Grand Champion went to a beautiful size 7 Kohaku owned by Mr. Bautista and Grand Champion B went to an awesome size 6 Omosako Shiro Utsuri belonging to Mr. Castro.

Congratulations to all the winners and congratulations to the Bakersfield club on a very successful show.

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Sakai’s Fall Dealers Auction


Autumn has arrived and Japan’s koi breeders are busy harvesting this year’s crop of Nishikigoi.

Click on this link Sakai Auction to view the koi that are going to be offered at Sakai of Hiroshima’s upcoming Fall Dealers Auction on October 3rd.  Don’t forget to check back frequently as new koi will continue to be added in the days preceding the auction.

You can view koi available at auction by clicking the link below:

If you see something that you would be interested in bidding on, or if you have questions regarding the Auction, call Joel Burkard at 206-769-4950 or Zak Schmidt at 800-827-5819.

Clients purchasing koi through this auction will have the option of keeping their purchase in Japan, either to be boarded and grown on under the care of Sakai of Hiroshima or to be entered in any one of a number of Japanese koi shows, including but not limited to the All Japan Combined Koi Show.