Nozomi Young Koi Show 2011

Pan Intercorp
**New** The Nozomi Young Koi Show maximum size limit has been raised to 26 Inches!

Download the 2011 Nozomi Young Koi Show information packet

The Nozomi Young Koi Show will be held on Saturday, June 18th 2010 on the grounds of Pan Intercorp in Kenmore Washington.

The Nozomi Young Koi Show is open to all hobbyists and typically receives entries from all over the United States. Participants are automatically entered into a drawing to receive Hundreds of dollars in prizes and gift certificates.

Pre-registration is required and owners need not be present to win. Call toll free 1-800-827-5819 for details on entering or attending the show.

Don’t miss Grant Fujita’s Judging Seminar where you’ll have a chance to compare your judging skills with one of the nation’s leading koi authorities. The winner of this contest will win a Tategoi from Sakai of Hiroshima!

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